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Home Loans: Should You Make the Switch?

Switching home loans could potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest and allow you to take advantage of different features that you currently don’t have access to. However, before deciding, always check that the benefits are worth the fees you’ll be facing for leaving one loan and taking up another.

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5 Smart Things to Do with Your Tax Refund

Now that you’re getting your affairs in order ready for tax time, have you given any thought as to how you’ll use your tax refund?

The tax return for an average Australian is $2,112. With that kind of money, you have a few options about what you can do with it. While it’s common to use the refund to splurge on a holiday, a new car or to pamper yourself, you can use it in other ways to improve your finances in the long term.

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Ever Thought About Refinancing? Four Signs You Should Consider It.

Over the life of a loan, your circumstances can change dramatically. As life goes on, your mortgage may become incompatible with your current situation; interest rates could drop a few points, or you may begin to dream of bigger and better things. That’s why it’s important to revise your mortgage every two to three years.

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