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How to Choose a Mortgage Broker in Perth, WA

Living in Perth is somewhat contradictory. Although we’re classified as a city, all Perth locals are familiar with the ‘small town’ vibe: everyone in Perth knows (almost) everyone. And yet, it can still be challenging when choosing a reputable and competitive mortgage broker in the Perth metro area.

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Select Gets Personal: What are Three Things We Look for When Purchasing Property?

Buying property is generally a long-term investment – and something that shouldn’t be purchased on impulse. Whether you’re buying for investment or dwelling purposes, there’s a checklist of things to consider before stepping onto the property ladder.

This week, we asked ourselves three things we would personally look for when considering the purchase of a property. The results? Find out here.

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Should you wait or buy property in Perth now?

Most first-time home buyers and investors ask the same question: should I buy now, or wait? A fair question, especially when the property market is continuously changing.

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