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Should you wait or buy property in Perth now?

Most first-time home buyers and investors ask the same question: should I buy now, or wait? A fair question, especially when the property market is continuously changing.

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Budget 2018: Taxpayers Front and Centre, Pensioners Right Behind and Potential Homebuyers on the Back Burner

Treasurer Scott Morrison launched the 2018 Budget last Tuesday 8 May, promising more jobs, essential services and a budget that delivers a 'strong economy'. As the dust has settled, find out what it means for you and how it might affect your finances.

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Loans Series #3 Guarantor Loans

The cost of buying a home currently takes 7.2 times the annual income of a typical household – up from 4.2 times 15 years ago. In this way, it has become challenging to save up a sizeable deposit for a home loan, especially when paying rent.

However, there is an option for first home buyers to get onto the market much sooner than expected: get a family member to act as guarantor for your home loan!

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