We specialise in the art of understanding individual needs.

Tailoring a loan is like tailoring a suit: one type won’t fit everyone.


First Home Buyers

Let us guide you through the experience of buying your first home – stress-free.

Buying your first home is an exhilarating experience. However, it can also be overwhelming and packed with uncertainty. At Select, we cut through the noise and explain the process in terms you understand.

Get quotes upfront and understand the process before you commit.

We’ll talk you through various home loan options, assess your eligibility for the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) and First Home Buyers Assistance (REBA) grant, assist with your application, lodgements and answer any questions you have about stamp duty and all that other financial jargon.

Our priority is to ensure your process for finance is simple and rewarding.

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Investment Loans

We’ll tailor the loan to suit your purchasing needs.

An investment loan is not too different from a regular home loan. Whether it’s to finance a rental or towards your retirement plans, we’ll determine your borrowing power and help you understand the additional fees that go along with an investment loan.

We’ll help you recognise good debt.

In consultation with your tax accountant, we can structure your investment loan to maximise your tax position. We’ll help you understand how negative gearing is an effective tool that helps balance the cost of owning an investment property and assist you in recognising the difference between good and bad debt.

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Commercial Loans

Let us guide you through the commercial ball game.

No two commercial loans are the same – they have different cost structures and security requirements based on your business needs and strategy.

Commercial loans are calculated on risk; the higher the risk associated with your business, the higher the cost. For that reason, individuals are required to go through a rigorous application process to get indicative prices from a lender.

With our industry experience, we’re able to identify the banks with the lowest risk attached to your business type, obtain cheaper prices to save you money and negotiate better terms so that you can stay in control of your business.



Get our years of experience at your fingertips.

Even if it’s your second or third purchase, the buying process can be a nail-biting process. You’ll need someone who does more than just finance – someone who is proactive in their practice. At Select, we’ll guide you through the process and ensure your settlement happens on time without any hiccups.

Our industry insight is your best asset when shopping for a home loan. We provide it complimentary.

Meet with over twenty different lenders at once.

One appointment with us has the convenience of meeting with our entire panel of lenders. With access to a diverse range of financiers, deals and specials, we’ll compare your options and find the package that best meets your needs and expectations.

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Refinancing / Consolidation

If refinancing is a magical cure, beware of the side effects.

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of a cheap interest rate. It’s harder to deal with the real cost after facing all the additional fees of refinancing.

Getting a good deal means knowing what’s out there – but finance companies don’t make it easy to compare products. With our industry experience, we’ll fully cost the package and determine if it meets your individual needs.

While we excel at wading through the market to find the package that best suits you, sometimes what’s best means restructuring with your current lender to save money in the long run. Let us do the numbers before you make an expensive mistake. 

Paying your loan off sooner comes down to better planning.

Paying your loan off sooner comes down to the combination of your repayments, interest rate and how much your fees are. Depending on your pay structure and frequency, we can advise on the best option to get your loan paid out quicker. No tricks, just better planning.


Equity Access

Flexibility is bargaining power.

Having equity in your home is just like having cash in the bank – it can be used to help family members, provide a back-up when your income takes a hit, or improve your lifestyle.

We can help you build and access your home equity.

With many ways to build your equity in an existing home, we’ll assess how much equity you have and identify the best way you can access it. We’ll help you find the best package to suit your individual needs and structure the loan so you only pay for what you use.



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Settlement Agent

Shane Jacob Settlements

Shane Jacob Settlements was established in 2004 as an independent settlement agency based off Canning Highway, Perth WA. Shane deals with various aspects of property conveyancing and specialises in property transactions throughout WA and the Pilbara Region. 

We have maintained a strong friendship with Shane since the beginning and continue to refer clients his way. We have received only the best commendations from our clients, assuring us of his friendly, professional, trustworthy, and amiable service. While we do not receive commission from our referrals, Shane grants our clients a discounted settlement fee.