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Maximise Your Back to School Savings By Asking Yourself These Five Questions

The new school year is fast approaching. You may have already seen the Officeworks and Woolies ads making the rounds on TV and are counting the days until the kids can return to the playground. However, the new school year also boasts the inevitable costs of new uniforms, school books and supplies.

Ask yourself these five questions to maximise your savings.

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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Buy Property

It’s no secret that it’s tough for young adults to break into the property market. As a parent of a young adult who’d like to buy property and are unable to, you may be able to give a helping hand. But how can you do this?

We’ve listed five ways you can help in realising your kids’ dream.

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Glamour-less but Effective: Why You Should Take a Second Look at the Redraw Facility

Often overlooked, the redraw facility is not always on the top of a client’s list of desired loan features. It’s a common feature attached to a variable rate home loan, which allows the account holder to withdraw money they’ve already contributed to paying off their loan if they have paid over and above the minimum scheduled repayments. As you’re able to make additional repayments, you can reduce your loan balance and save on interest.

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