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On a Property Quest: How do you know when you can afford to buy?

So you’ve decided you want to become a homeowner. Whether it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, or you’ve woken up with a desire to get your foot on the property ladder, you need to ask yourself the first big question:

How do I know if I can afford to buy a house?

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It’s Still Possible to Get into the Property Market in Your Twenties

What if we told you that it's possible to get your foot on the property ladder by your twenties? 

With the Australian media focusing on the upward trend in housing prices and the downward trend of profiting young Australians, we can understand why first home buyers feel daunted by the prospect of buying their first home.

However, with the right plan, goals and advice, you can own your first property far earlier than expected. 

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