Savings Savvy Ideas for an Autumn Reno

Winter is coming – and unlike King’s Landing, it’s a good idea to prepare for the treacherous times ahead. As most of us don’t have access to the bottomless pit of gold the Lanisters’ seem to, big renovations can seem out of reach.

However, when getting ready for the oncoming wild weather, you don’t need to think big or break the bank. Rather, you can improve your home and backyard with savings savvy ideas that would make even the most savage Wildling nod their head in appreciation.

Reorganise before you renovate

Does your living room look a little dull? Why not mix it up and move the furniture around? If you have access to big windows, pin back the curtains and focus your entertaining area around the natural light. Play with the layout of your rooms, and perhaps invest in some bright cushions or throw-rugs to bring warmth to the area. The layout of your furniture can open and close a space, and moving it around can give you a fresh perspective.

Kerb-side appeal

Does your front garden need a proper mulching? Has your grass gotten a little out of control? Do you need a fresh coat of paint on the front of your house? Whether you are looking to sell in the future or are focusing on sprucing up your home, tweaking its look from the street can make a huge difference.

Check your roof

Dirty and overflowing gutters can not only be a fire hazard but give your home a neglected feel and prevent water damage. Use a leaf blower to get rid of the debris and a hose to flush the rest of the dirt out. With clean gutters, you can determine if there are any cracks or damage and get on top of it before the winter months. At the same time, inspect your roof for any damage that could be worsened by wild weather.

Give your paint job a make-over

Autumn is a great time to refresh your interior wall colour. Comforting and warm tones can give your home a cosy feeling when it’s cold and desolate outside.  Now is the perfect time to put a fresh coat on, as the more frigid temperatures of the winter months can trap the paint fumes. Dark colours will make a room appear smaller. To open space, it's best to choose lighter colours.

Smart investment: Upgrade windows and doors for energy savings

In Australia, most houses have windows that are single-paned glass. While this is great in summer, they can result in a significant amount of heat loss in winter. The more heat that escapes, the harder your heater must work to keep your home warm. If you have a never considered the possibility of double glazed windows, autumn is a perfect time to research your options. They can help you to save money on the heating bill, as double glazed windows are known to keep your home insulated and warm.

For any other windows or doors, pay attention to any gaps or cracks in the seals. Over time, the seals in your home can wear out and break down. Keep an eye out now so you won’t have to worry about issues that may arise in the colder months.

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