Three Autumn/Winter 2019 Home Décor Trends on a Budget

A Perth autumn is a tug of war between a summer that isn’t quite ready to leave during the day and a winter that steals the warmth from our ever-darkening mornings and evenings.

Autumn has hit us with a definitive edge this year, with highs of 36° and lows of 12°. This years home décor and interior design trends are about finding the balance between the seasons.

However, revamping your home every year to suit the changing interior trends can be an expensive business. If you’re a prospective decorator on a budget, we’ve found three timeless trends that can be found in Perth on the cheap.

Trend #1: Nordic-inspired retreat

There’s a reason Aussies love IKEA. Nordic or Scandinavian interior trends are timeless in their minimalism. The elegant sophistication of this trend uses soft pastel tones and textures, darker pigment paints and light wood colours. The simplicity in design is accompanied by a deep connection with nature and nature-inspired pieces.

Neutral coloured knits and linen, along with sheepskin products and earthenware statement pieces and accessories compliment the entire ensemble.

Where to buy this trend on a budget:

·         IKEA

·         Living Emporium/Thingz

Trend #2: Global nomadic

Macrame is not out of style just yet. Drawing from an array of diverse global patterns and textures, this trend is eclectic in taste. Hand-died, hand-crafted textiles in rich colours are at the heart of this décor. With plenty of tassels and pom-poms to go around, and spicy reds, burnt umbers and earthy ochre tones splashing everything from cushions to wall art, this style is about creating a welcoming, cosy space.

Woven baskets, rugs and heavily patterned accessories are the focal points for this interior trend focused on nomadic-inspired details.

Where to buy this trend on a budget:

·         Target

·         Kmart

 Trend #3: Escape to the Woods

Who would have thought escaping into the woods was a thing? For interior design this autumn, the idea of relaxing in a den of poison berries, rich bark and bramble is all the rage. Warm and cosy knits – the chunkier the better – in hues of russet and plum are all the comforts of a home built for hibernating. Inspired by bringing the woods into the home, the countryside feel is reflected in the hewn wood and rustic styled furniture.

Moody and atmospheric, this trend is all about reconnecting with the darker hues of nature, combined with complimentary decorative accessories and linens.

Where to buy this trend on a budget:

·         April and Oak

·         Humble Home

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