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How Reliable Are These Financial Rules of Thumb?

What’s a common financial rule of thumb you know? Who told you about it?

Most people find out through word-of-mouth – through a piece of advice explained by a parent or friend when approached for guidance towards buying, saving or investing. Financial rules of thumb are intended to provide guidance, and are a good starting point to begin to set your financial goals, but how reliable and effective are they?

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The Basics for Setting SMART Financial Goals

People of any age can benefit from setting smart financial goals. It’s a bit of a myth that planning for your financial future should be left until you’re more financially stable. Setting financial goals and fulfilling them can happen at any stage in life. The sooner you identify your goals and take steps to carry them out, the sooner you can achieve them.

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How to Transform Your New Years Resolutions into Attainable Goals

According to research conducted by the University of Scranton, it was found only 8% of people successfully achieve their resolutions each year. This is because most people give themselves New Year’s resolutions that appear unattainable.

However, the secret to following through on the midnight promises to yourself is by making your goals specific, realistic, and measurable.

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