What to Expect from a Financial Health Check-Up at Select

We are all familiar with the overspending that usually comes hand-in-hand with the holiday season. Whether it’s splurging on Christmas gifts, taking an end of year holiday, or trying to keep the kids happy during the school break, your finances can take quite a hit.

However, just like anything, with the right advice, care and attention you can get your finances back on track in the New Year. Like when you get a bad cold, a visit to the doctor can diagnose the issue and provide a solution so you can get better in no time.

At Select, we do the same thing for your finances. Whether your mortgage needs a product change, interest rate reduction, or a range of debts consolidated, it’s a good idea to visit a broker for a financial check-up every two to three years.

What can I expect from a financial health check-up?

Whether you have been with us before, or are a curious newbie, our brokers take the time to assess and understand your lifestyle and financial goals. As an existing client, those may have changed since we last saw you, so we take the time to factor in anything new in your personal situation.  As someone new, we will listen and understand your current situation, short and long-term goals and the results you want to see.

Once having a look at any changes in your lifestyle or financial goals, we’ll review your current financial situation. From current debts to an existing home loan, nothing goes unnoticed.

If you have been struggling under money-stress, we’ll provide you with all the financial options you need to get back on track. For example, this might mean re-evaluating your current interest rates, or suggesting a consolidation of your debts into one simple and manageable account.

From a variety of lenders, we'll compare hundreds of deals and various interest rates to present you with a few that best suits your position.

For all options, we’ll clearly explain the necessary fees, costs and conditions associated with any choice you would like to make. Ask as many questions as you need; we are here to answer them all.

You’ll leave the meeting with a realistic outlook of your finances, and a range of options that best suit your situation so that you can make a decision that will help you reach your financial goals.

How much does it cost?

It’s free. Organising an appointment with one of our friendly brokers has never been simpler. Receiving your financial health check-up carries no-obligation, and you receive the best quality service we offer every time. 

At Select, we offer no-obligation, quality and free advice so you can meet your financial goals. Whether you want to buy, invest or refinance, call us on (08) 9417 3399 to discuss your options with one of our brokers.