Select: Finance Made Simple Joins Facebook


After much discussion and consideration (and more than a few nudges), we have finally jumped on the band wagon and created a social media account for you to interact with us and the business!

At first, we were hesitant in moving into the social media realm, as like many small businesses, we were unsure of how it would benefit us, or how it wouldn't.

Social Media is still only a new concept, and specifically for small businesses there is a definite fear of the unknown that comes into the equation. For an industry that thrives off of a 24/7 online community of information and social feedback, it was unknown for a long time how businesses could fit into that framework.

It has only been in the past few years that bigger businesses have ventured into the social media realm, and thrived. From there, it wasn't long before smaller businesses followed suit.

We had our own fears about getting lost in a stream of information. However, within the office, we discussed the pros and cons of us creating our own account, and settled on what would benefit our customers. Having a Facebook account would make it easier for you to contact and speak to us directly and in the end, our priority was you.

Once we got the ball rolling, everything seemed to fall into place. While there were a few hiccups in the beginning, the website is already looking great and functions across all devices, such as; desktop, tablet and mobile, allowing you to access the information you need with ease. We are all very excited here about the developments that have been going on with the new website and the new Facebook page, and ultimately we want you to enjoy them as well.

On one final note, while we have found our new home within the digital world of Facebook, we know that you may need advice about finding your own special place in our fast-paced physical world. Through our website, Facebook page, or good old telephone, you are able to contact us about gaining quality guidance and advice through the process so you won’t need to worry about swimming up a current of unrelenting information without help.

We hope to keep our online presence growing, so visit us on Facebook and give us a like.  


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