We Welcome Corey to the Team!

The last few weeks at Select Mortgage Services have been flat out! The phone has been ringing non-stop and quite a few deals are in the process of being approved. Along with the technical stuff, we have welcomed our newest member to the team, Corey!

Before joining us, Corey worked as a Broker and Franchise Manager for four years at one of Australia’s largest mortgage broking firms. Prior to this, he was in real estate for 10 years, but felt broking was the next step in the progression of his career.

While working in real estate he discovered that he wanted to do more than sell houses. He felt that the job wasn’t suited for him and wasn’t fulfilled by his work. Instead, he wanted to go into something that coincided with his passion to help people build a future. As a broker his main goal is to better the financial position of his clients, provide them with stellar advice, and get the best deal to suit their needs. 

Outside of work, Corey is happily married with two beautiful children. He is a Thai-food fanatic and enjoys scuba-diving in his spare time. He says that travelling is one of his life passions and he has currently travelled throughout Europe and Australia. In the future he hopes to see more of the world with his family.

Since joining the team, he has enjoyed the challenge of his new work space. “It’s fantastic! I’m looking forward to being in such a healthy work environment.” he says. We have a strong network of support and knowledge of the industry at Select and are confident Corey will bring his prior experience and business excellence to benefit the team.

If you would like to contact Corey to arrange an appointment, send us an email or give us a call. We are super excited to have Corey with us and wish him the best in his new position. 

Peter Erzay